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Signature Liquid Lift

There are 12 areas or points on the face we look at, to lift and restore. 


Temple hollows. 

Under eyes / Tear troughs. 



Alar triangle shadows

Naso labial folds. 


Mouth / peri oral. 

Marionette lines / shadows. 


Jaw angle 



Depending on individual needs and concerns we can address all or any of the 12 Liquid Lift points together in combination or individually. 


Giving our clients a bespoke, tailor made, prescriptive treatment - tailor made for them. 


A face to face consultation is essential  to establish goals, possibilities and expectations. 


We discuss areas of interest, concern or issue, and we look at appropriate options including any alternatives.  


Once we establish a plan of action we take photographs, and using computer generated imaging show an approximation of what we would aim to achieve. 


We create a virtual before and after comparison for our clients to keep for visual reference. 


We treat the areas with high grade Hyaluronic acid soft gel filler which works beautifully with the dynamic features of the face. 


The under eyes, we address with a product dedicated to that area, not only addressing dark shadows and tear troughs, but visibly improving skin quality and tone.


Results are immediate. 

And last 12 - 15 months. 


We give guidance and advice - and make recommendations, but there is no pressure from us. 


The choices and options you make are entirely your own. 


Please take a look at the before and after shots in our gallery, check out the combinations of treatment, and, check out our amazing results.

Close up of the face of young bearded man and cosmetologist in rubber gloves making beauty

Book a consultation to get your tailor made before and after treatment plan......

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