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Skin Anomaly + Lesion - Therapies



Skin Tags.

Sun Spots.

Blood Spots.



Milk Spots.



Solar Keratosis.     

Spider Nevi.

Cherry Angioma. 

For harmless - skin anomalies and skin lesions the GOLD STANDARD in the NHS - Radio Frequency or Thermavein therapy is our preferred treatment and has been for 8 years. 


Thermavein neutralises the anomaly cells which then lightly crust over and fall away over a period of 5-10 days - leaving a small pink of new skin - which then resolves in both colour and texture to the skin around it - over a period time. 


Cryo Therapy is our alternative treatment for some skin anomalies but using a freezing mechanism to neutralise the lesion cells with similar skin healing and results. 



(We do not physically excise / remove  / cut - ANYTHING.


If you have any further concerns we would always refer you to your GP for reassurance.

Your Questions Answered. 

Can my GP remove my mole.

Your GP may agree to remove your mole but in our experience over the last ten years skin anomaly treatment are now considered a cosmetic procedure by the NHS and is no longer treated free of charge. 

In addition NHS removal would routinely involve excising or cutting the mole from the surrounding tissue almost ALWAYS resulting in scarring. 


Are there different types of mole and lesion removal?

Yes, there are different types of mole removal and lesion removal and the one suggested for you will be dependent on the type of lesion.

A popular type of mole removal and lesion removal is our Thermavein treatment, a non-surgical way of getting rid of moles and skin tags. However, there are other types of treatment such as cryotherapy which involves freezing off the lesion.

Are mole removal and lesion removal treatments safe?

Removing any type of skin lesion is a relatively straight forward procedure with very few risks involved. Thousands of people have moles, warts, skin tags and cysts removed each year.

If you have any worries or concerns about mole removal or lesion removal we are happy to answer questions to help put your mind at rest.


Who will perform the mole and lesion removal?

All our therapies and treatments are performed by fully qualified experienced technicians. 


How much does it cost?

The cost is usually £50 per lesion/per treatment and discussed at the initial consultation.

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