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Perks of the Job…

Our little beaut clinic technician.

T A M Z I N ❤️

s i g n a t u r e l i p s


1. even out and smooth wet line.

2. increase projection.

3. crisp borders.

4. hydrate


My personal Aesthetic Vision as an injector, creative and clinical technician is very simple -

I like precision, balance, proportion, symmetry and clean, crisp lines -

I lean always more toward the natural than the extreme -

I look always for the most effective therapeutic result, from the least invasive technique.

My Signature•FX.LIPS are achieved with less than 1ml of product.

Crisp borders.

Natural volume.

Maximum hydration.

Last 1 year +

E N J O Y 💋❤️💋

More than Hydration.

Each procedure is tailor made for you…

Super soft Hyaluronic Gel.

We’ll tolerated. 10 minute procedure.


Minimal bruising and swelling.

£150. Info. Consult. Book.

Swansea clinic 01792410672

Cardiff. London. 07595339227

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