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Natural Definition +Volume

Signature.FX Lips


1. even out and smooth wet line.

2. increase natural volume

3. define philtrum

4. define vermillion border

5. hydrate


My personal Aesthetic Vision as an injector, creative and clinical technician is very simple -

I like precision, balance, proportion, symmetry and clean, crisp lines -

I lean always more toward the natural than the extreme -

I look always for the most effective therapeutic result, from the least invasive technique.

My Signature•FX.LIPS are achieved with less than 1ml of product.

Crisp borders.

Natural volume.

Maximum hydration.

Last 1 year +

E N J O Y 💋❤️💋

More than Hydration.

Each procedure is tailor made for you…

Super soft Hyaluronic Gel.

We’ll tolerated. 10 minute procedure.


Minimal bruising and swelling.

£150. Info. Consult. Book.

Swansea clinic 01792410672

Cardiff. London. 07595339227

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