What does ThermaVein do?

ThermaVein offers the instant, safe and permanent removal of facial veins, medically referred to as “telangiectasia”.  There are a variety of more commonly used names to include thread veins, spider veins, rosacea, vascular blemishes and spider naevi

We have developed ThermaVein in collaboration with Dr Brian Newman M.D., FRCS the pioneer of a process called “thermocoagulation”. This process is not IPL, Laser or Epilation – all of which are alternatives used to treat the condition with varying results and a range of unpleasant side effects. Our treatment offers consistent results, no known-side effects and the highest safety rating – this makes us the natural choice for businesses and consumers alike

We strongly believe that our exclusive technology is the safest and most effective available. The technology has existed within the medical industry for almost 15 years, without issue and is backed by clinical trials.

Already thousands of successful treatments have been completed worldwide, the unique process is acclaimed by international industry experts. After years of operating solely within the medical industry we are now proud to bring a simple and cost effective treatment to the wider public – simply called ThermaVein

All treatments photo’s taken approximately 15 minutes apart


What is ThermaVein?

ThermaVein is a revolutionary procedure technique to eliminate spider veins and fine thread veins, known as telangiectasia.

How does the treatment work?

Utilising the principle of thermo coagulation, ThermaVein is unique in its use of radio frequency microwaves to heat the vessels (utilising a very high frequency energy), which generally results in the immediate disappearance of the spider/fine thread veins.

ThermaVein is the only treatment of its kind having been approved in the treatment of spider/fine veins by the American FDA.

ThermaVein treatment is a walk-in/ walk-out procedure and is relatively painless.

Is the treatment permanent?

Once a thread vein has been successfully treated it cannot come back. It is, however, possible that you might develop more thread veins, but these too can be treated.

How many treatments are necessary?

ThermaVein treatments are carried out in approximately twenty minute sessions. Sessions may be weekly or more widely spaced and, usually, requires more than one treatments to the area. The appropriate timing and likely number of treatments will be explained to you during your consultation.

What areas can be treated?

Unlike other treatments, ThermaVein can be applied to all areas of the body. It is particularly good for facial thread veins.

Can all skin types be treated?


Are there any after effects following the treatment?

After a few days very small micro-crusts like the marks from a cat scratch might appear where ThermaVein has been applied. This is normal and no special care is needed. These micro-crusts will disappear on their own.

What can I do after treatment?

Immediately after the treatment you can resume everyday activities. Avoid the sun for a couple of days or use sun block.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes, although pregnant or breast feeding women will be asked to postpone treatment.

How much does it cost?

At TRIGGS&JAMES ThermaVein is charged at £50 per area. For example, both cheeks and the nose would compromise 3 areas, at a cost of £150. And take aproximately 20minutes.

Does it hurt?

Unlike other treatments there is minimal discomfort as the ThermaVein probe is placed only at the top most layer of the skin.

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