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UltraSculpt HiFu Facelift is a powerful non-invasive face lifting treatment that adopts the latest ultrasound technology to firm and tighten loose and crepey skin. Using 10hz velocity ultrasound, the treatment is the latest anti-ageing technology for stimulating collagen and triggering dermal collagen fibre regeneration.



The treatment targets all layers of the skin - from the epidermis all the way to the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer.

Ultrasound is first emitted to a depth of 3.0-4.5mm with fractional shape. This creates thermal damage to the fascia, SMAS, dermis and subcutaneous layer.

Areasnon face to be treated with hifu

A skin tightening and lifting effect is immediately visible with additional gradual progressive improvements over the next few sessions.

Clinical Indications

  • Foreheads lines and wrinkles

  • Under eyes and crows feet

  • Heavy brows

  • Naso labial folds

  • Buccal fat pad (chubby cheeks)

  • Heavy Jowls

  • Double chin

  • Neck wrinkles

Areas to be treated with hifu on man
Picture of woman having treatment
What is UltraSculpt HiFu?


UltraSculpt HiFu is a treatment which is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art platform for face & body contouring and aesthetic enhancement.


Using the power of HiFu technology, Body UltraSculpt offers customised treatments for body contouring, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation with visible, reliable, lasting results. 

Current Special Offer

Forehead and Crows Feet £150 


Mid and lower face including Jawline £200


Neck £200

(Per session)

Immediate Results

Before and after pictures of hifu treatment from the clinic

How It Works?


UltraSculpt technology allows for focused, safe and deep heating of tissue at various depths within the skin. With variable depth control, we are now able to precisely treat target areas for optimal results.



Treatment Areas




Arms (bingo wings) & Back

Some areas of our body are more challenging when it comes to maintaining their aesthetic appearance. As we age, the skin on our back and shoulders may lose their firmness, leading to excess visible fat and an undesirable overall look.


UltraSculpt  is highly effective in these areas, utilising ultrasonic radio waves to destroy the excess fat quickly and effectively, giving you toned arms and a smooth back.


  • Circumferential reduction

  • Skin tightening (Laxity)

  • Stretch marks



Stomach (abdomen & love handles)


Often, even rigorous exercise isn’t effective when it comes to toning and restoring the skin. UltraSculpt works to get rid of excess abdominal and back fat and produces firm, flexible skin.

Focus Targets


  • Circumferential reduction

  • Body contouring

  • Skin tightening (Laxity)

  • Stretch marks (red and white)


Legs (thighs & buttocks)


UltraSculpt is a great solution for dealing with fatty tissue and crepey skin on the inside of the thighs and the knees. Using ultrasound technologies, it acts quickly and effectively even in these highly challenging areas, stimulating collagen fibres to achieve a slim and lifted effect. 



  • Circumferential reduction

  • Cellulitis treatment

  • Body contouring

  • Skin tightening




  1. Painless

  2. Quick: 20 Mins

  3. Safe and reliable

  4. Effective for all skin types

  5. No Downtime

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